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Herein lies the paradox of identity: while individuals perceive that they must give something up to belong to a group, and groups behave as though individuals must conform in order for them to be good group members, the truth is that the complex process of revealing to the group one's true identity with all its contradictions, and the difficult process for a group to accept behaviors and thinking outside of its norms, causes each to be stronger and to gain insight Smith and Berg, The questions that are more interesting to us, and that constitute the thesis of this paper, are these: Were the jurors an effective group or team?

In the film, twelve men are brought together in a room to decide whether a boy is guilty of killing his father.

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According to Johnsoncreating dialogue is a vital step to creating effective and ethical community groups.

Schwarz proposes that the elements of group process include problem solving, decision making, conflict management, communication and boundary management.

Foreman was ascertaining a seating arrangement and the loud mouthed bigot questioned as to what difference it made. The concept of boundary can be articulated in both physical and non-physical terms.

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Certainly at the beginning, it could and was not. Tone matters After watching 12 Angry Men, I realized that the most influential jurors who were able to make a point were the ones who maintained a steady and calm disposition throughout the discussion. Stage 4: Performing Phase The jurors decide to take a second vote resulting in a 9 guilty and 3 not guilt split of the group. Try to find the reason behind why people are saying what they are saying. He arranged a similar knife and brought brainstorming with the evidences. A Cooperative Community Among Divergent Worldviews In the viewing of 12 Angry Men, we get an excellent example of how cooperative communities can be formed among diverse and divergent worldviews. The slum is a breeding ground for criminals.

Early in the jury's deliberation, the architect exhibited behaviors of the mutual learning model. The men were polite with one another; for instance, the baseball fan offered chewing gum to two of the members and offered to help open a window.

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In another scene, the bathroom became the place that some individuals attempted to influence the decision of Henry Fonda, the deviant and most resistant to the group norms and direction.

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