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A contradictious man, Rochester might be "swiving" and duelling the one day, and a devoted husband the next.

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Violent political conflict may have ceased, but the division between royalists and republicans still ran through literature of the period. It was during the Restoration that the rough shape of the contemporary world formed. Website Rochester, John Wilmot Earl of.

He is a good correspondent—partly because of his seeming carelessness for effect and the attendant unguardedness of his person, and partly for the opposite reason, namely his studied formality of address for instance, to a mistress and amused indulgence in the pretenses and hypocrisies of social behavior.

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Since most of the other volunteers aboard the ship had been killed, Rochester performed the task in an open boat under heavy fire. His wit was strong, subtle, sublime, and sprightly; he was perfectly well-bred, and adorned with a natural modesty which extremely became him.

earl of rochester i rise at eleven

Johnwas a strong-willed Puritan from a noble Wiltshire family.

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The Restoration’s Filthiest Poet (and Why We Need Him)