A look at the string of regulations that came about after the cloning of dolly in 1997

ACT's original goal had been to publish in a prestigious journal like Science or Nature, when the company had what it is really after: human embryonic stem cells derived from a cloned embryo.

He tracked them down one by one, calling them and enlisting them in the cause.

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Cibelli placed his cell phone in the middle of our table, and we waited anxiously, fully aware that the number of eggs obtained can vary widely. Do you have an entourage? In three failed rounds of experiments from July to September not a single egg vested with the DNA of a fibroblast so much as divided from one cell into two. A radio in one corner of the room was tuned to the broadcast as the scientists began their work, and they were listening carefully: in perhaps no other field of science are researchers as mindful of which way the political winds are blowing. A magnified gray egg cell appeared on the screen. Tissue engineers hope someday to build even more complex structures from these stem cells: new blood vessels for bypass surgery, new liver tissue, even new kidneys—all from what began as a loose collection of cells in a lab dish. Does your wool have healing properties? Both forms of cloning would be punishable by up to ten years in prison and a million-dollar fine.

He worked with Jonas Salk, the engineer of the polio vaccine; with the renowned behavioral psychologist B. Cibelli plugged the incubator into his car's cigarette lighter, and a row of lights on the incubator began to turn on, registering that it was warming up to body temperature inside.

But what is fame? He sent a similar letter, carrying eighty signatures, to President Bush in February of last year. Tom DeLay, of Texas, the House majority whip, called the practice "monstrous science that lacks any reasonable consideration for the sanctity of human life.

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In three failed rounds of experiments from July to September not a single egg vested with the DNA of a fibroblast so much as divided from one cell into two. But Trevor needed something more: cloned cells in which the debilitating ALD mutation had been corrected.

A look at the string of regulations that came about after the cloning of dolly in 1997

Public discussion of cloning gradually receded in prominence as new issues arose to dominate the airwaves and the headlines, notably the threat of jihadist terrorism following the attacks on September 11, Skin cell to embryo—it's one of the most remarkable quick-change scenarios modern biology has to offer. Currently, the best treatment for childhood cerebral onset of ALD is a bone-marrow or umbilical-cord-blood transplant from a healthy, well-matched donor. A Radical Hope Adrienne and Ben Ross all names of the family members have been changed first came to ACT late last October, ten months after their son, Trevor, and two of his cousins had received a diagnosis of X-linked adrenoleuko-dystrophy ALD , a relatively rare and underdiagnosed genetic disorder that can abruptly ravage the white matter of the brain, with devastating and often fatal results. As a result, the burden of moving many areas of important medical research forward has fallen on the private sector, a situation that by many accounts has severely hobbled research into treatments for infertility—and even disorders such as childhood cancer and birth defects. Could I ask you how it feels to be the most miraculous creature that has ever lived? Roll up, roll up, see the freakish sheep Roll up, roll up, see the freakish sheep here. He's a gentle, compact man with dark hair, a trim moustache and goatee, and a vaguely worried expression. It's a perfectly round ball with a fluid-filled core. When the Rosses first traveled to ACT to talk about Trevor's case, they met with Michael West, a dreamy, laid-back forty-eight-year-old with a lopsided grin. Huddled against one wall of its interior is a group of cells known as the inner cell mass. From then on Lanza bootstrapped his way along, invoking the name of one scientist to gain access to the next.

But given that they were working in an ethically fraught area of science, they decided to be as open as possible about their progress. Through the microscope I looked at the smaller cells. On July 12, just weeks prior to the bill's passage, The Washington Post had broken the news that ACT was trying to create cloned human embryos as a source of stem cells—making it the only group in the country to acknowledge such plans publicly.

In particular, I wanted to investigate the work being done by ACT—the only group in the country openly pursuing human therapeutic-cloning research.

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