A review of scott turows book presumed innocent

Even in death he is still fantasizing about her.

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And I was reminded of, you know, unintelligiblewhich Turow brings up at the end, painting Rusty as a kind of Dreyfus character, that all it really takes is a pointing finger for someone's life to be completely overturned, and that is the power of the prosecutor.

But the real work of what a D. And why on earth is he, a man still desperately in love with the deceased, investigating the murder in the first place? Presumed Innocent, written twenty-three years ago, begins with the death of Carolyn Polhemus, a deputy Prosecuting Attorney P.

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And that, in the end, may be the reason Turow continues to write novels, to have his bit on the side while apparently remaining faithful to his long-term relationship with the law. And that, kind of from the perspective of, you know, kind of wanting to see justice "done" is certainly disturbing. And it's sort of astonishing that this high profile case is just allowed to fade away without anyone pursuing further investigation. I got the idea for Presumed Innocent right then and I started writing it. Did Scott Turow give us an authentic view of what happens in the world of the law? Just as the integrity of just about everybody else in the novel, and the integrity of the institutions involved, and that's one of the things that I think is particularly good about the book. He calls her Carolyn and winds up siding with Rusty and never seems to really feel any loss for her. And my question goes to what are some of the solutions that have been thought about out there among the experts to wield this power in. I actually thought it was fairly likely and I didn't have any trouble believing that this was something he might not want to divulge, that is to say the main character might not want to divulge until the very end.

So he becomes the one for me least despicable. It's this raw visceral sexual thing. So it's which lawyer does that file land on, you know.

A review of scott turows book presumed innocent
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Scott Turow’s ‘Innocent’ Catches Up With Rusty Sabich