A review of the good the bad and the ugly

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Whatever the actual reason, all dialogue in the film was recorded in post-production. Like a robot. This is possibly the only time that one might become bored with the film. I could write volumes of what is good about this film. John Wayne has never been here. It's funny. Perhaps it is the subtly foreign flavor of the spaghetti trilogy, and especially the masterpiece "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," that suggests the films come from a different universe than traditional Westerns. Nineteen minutes were cut from the first release of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I could probably watch it every day, and be perfectly happy doing so. When it's over, you feel that you've been on a long and exciting journey.

Advertisement There is a moment, for example, when men do not notice a vast encampment of the Union Army until they stumble upon it.

It is the greatest movie of all time. Eastwood, 34 when he first worked with Leone, already carried unquestioned authority.

A review of the good the bad and the ugly

What's the story? But again, I think the time for the scene was justified in that we are able to receive the full impact of that experience and enjoy the haunting music at the same time. The music in this film is vital. The story is riveting. The special features contain 14 minutes of scenes that were cut for the film's North American release, including a scene which explains how Angel Eyes came to be waiting for Blondie and Tuco at the Union prison camp. A Spanish army captain, given the honour of detonating the charge, misheard the word "Vaya" meaning "go" and blew it up before any of the three cameras were in position. And the showdown at the end with that great music- just incredible. In my opinion, one of the essential elements of a great film is creating moods that absorb our attention. It then becomes a race as each man attempts to find the gold before the others.

Looking up my old review, I see I described a four-star movie but only gave it three stars, perhaps because it was a "spaghetti Western" and so could not be art. Ennio Morricone's musical score for this film is without a doubt one of the best and most influential scores of all time.

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In summary, if you haven't seen this film, buy it right away. This is one of Wallach's inspired performances, as he sidesteps his character's potential to seem ridiculous, and makes him a desperate, frightened presence. The army rebuilt the bridge while other shots were filmed. Out of the chaotic shoot, however, Leone fashioned a worthy conclusion to his trilogy, even though the effort left him dejected and temporarily ended his infatuation with the western. The jumping part went as planned, but Wallach's life was endangered when his character attempts to sever the chain binding him to the now dead henchman. There is a moment, for example, when men do not notice a vast encampment of the Union Army until they stumble upon it; a moment in a cemetery when a man materializes out of thin air, even though he should have been visible much sooner; the way men walk down a street in full view and nobody is able to shoot them maybe because they are not in the same frame with them. The film also contributed to another hit tune when Big Audio Dynamite sampled the reading of Tuco's charge sheet for Medicine Show. The west was made by violent, uncomplicated men, and it is this strength and simplicity that I try to recapture in my pictures. Clint Eastwood is brilliant in this film. Tuco and Blondie discuss their plans when departing in a wagon from Father Ramirez's monastery. Futhermore, by setting his story of three renegades all searching for buried gold against the backdrop of the US Civil War, Leone makes a mockery of any conception of good and evil. As the bridge was not a prop, but a rather heavy and sturdy structure, powerful explosives were required to destroy it.

It's action. The key action scene of the film — the blowing-up of the yard long Langstone bridge in the middle of a Civil War battle sequence — was a calamity masterclass.

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Even after decades of western films have been made, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is still held up as one of the best western films of all time. When the five men come out, Blondie counts them including Angel Eyesand concludes that six is the perfect number.

Erickson, whose useful essay on the trilogy is at www. It's gritty. Eastwood is excellent as "Blondie," although I don't think Eastwood has as strong of a presence as Van Cleef I know many will disagree, and that's OK because all three actors are superb in this film so why split hairs?

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