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Will companies like Tesla and Google bring disruption in the traditional auto model? Reward honesty. Author Bryce Hoffman knows how to tell a great story. So you move to a model where you have all kinds of energy, you have wonderful emotional resilience plus you have consistency of purpose. More honesty followed, and the company was finally in a place to address its issues.

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It was a humbling experience to serve two American and global icons. Mulally had the Ford employees stand and face the dealership owners and tell them out loud that they loved them.

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Is this data still relevant? Oh, that was just a little dream laughs. Talk to everybody you possibly can and you will get a consensus. So it is energizing. By Marli Guzzetta Research director, Inc. That is why we have these great products today. Because all the smartest people in the world know that on everyone of these, every year, every vehicle needs to improve and the only way you can do that is with technology innovation. So how we do that? This is the all-time motivator for innovation. Initially, the leadership team resisted the BPR. There are not going to be a lot of them sold because of the cost hurdle. Successful people know all this intuitively. Revenues, margins, profits—we look at all of those every week. And he did not deviate, either in content or wording. He asked his top sixteen executives to do the same, using the same introductory language and color scheme.

I believe that the Business Plan Review BPR process that he has developed is the most effective use of organizational structure that I have ever observed. It is not that hard.

Each leader had a mission to help—not judge—the other people in the room. First of all, the Wall Street Journal best-seller reads more like a thriller. One is gauge what is the reality of the business situation.

How did you manage to get everyone to work cohesively on the plan? I do this because I love helping people! It does not have as big a battery because we are trying to serve all of the people, not just a few at the high end.

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