An analysis of one of the most important monuments in history

French sociologist Maurice Halbwachs ushered in the modern academic study of collective memory with his book The Social Frameworks of Memory in which he argued that all memory — even personal memory — is a social process, shaped by the various groups family, religious, geographical, etc.

You might even ask them to visit one for homework before this lesson.

Ancient monuments

The ArtScience Museum, bearing a unique lotus-shaped design, was built as a symbol of welcome for tourists from all over the world. Just as personal memory is now understood to be a highly selective, adaptive process of reconstructing the past, shaped by present needs and contexts, so collective memory is a product of social groups and their ever evolving character and interests. Prehistoric tumuli , dolmens , and similar structures have been created in a large number of prehistoric cultures across the world, and the many forms of monumental tombs of the more wealthy and powerful members of a society are often the source of much of our information and art from those cultures. In recent years a great deal of work has been done on memory and race, as scholars from numerous angles have shown how the commemoration of the Civil War helped to shape new racial relations within American society — removing African American soldiers from mainstream public memory, defeating the dream of racial equality, and advancing the cause of white supremacy. Buildings designed as landmarks , usually built with an extraordinary feature, such being designed as the tallest, largest, or most distinctive design, e. James Wertsch has argued in Voices of Collective Remembering that collective memory is not a thing in itself but many different acts of remembering, shaped by overarching social forces and cognitive frameworks such as narrative. The first key question might be, what is commemoration? Many countries use Ancient monument or similar terms for the official designation of protected structures or archeological sites which may originally have been ordinary domestic houses or other buildings. Much of the newer work is in essay form. Once you are inside the Central Fire Station, you will come across models depicting

Geographer Kenneth E. Their book embedded the monument within popular culture, where the iconic image originally came from a wartime newspaper photo and where it continues to live and thrive.

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Ask students to look over the images of memorials in the visual essay and then pick one to analyze. Focusing on the unique problems posed by the trauma of the Holocaust, Young surveyed a range of memorial solutions in Europe and the U. The building was completed in and was originally known as Municipal Building.

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This might help explain, for example, the persistence and power of military commemoration. In their journals, have them answer the following questions, using what they observe in the image and the information in the caption, if necessary: What is it about this memorial that prompted you to choose it to analyze?

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The historical significance of the temple and the impressive remains, though, still qualify it as one of the most impressive ancient monuments.

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History, Memory, and Monuments: An Overview of the Scholarly Literature on Commemoration