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Evolution of rap lyrics

This is when we started hearing the use of metaphors, similes, strong messages delivered in rap music using hardcore tones of voices. This sharp and loud clap has a medium reverb used on it and is panned to mid left of the mix. Using samples ripped off records was the only way to make new songs. The outcome of this run is visible in the chart below. This song was produced by T-Minus, released on 29, November and it was a success for the rapper as it sold 3 million copies and was nominated for the best rap sold at the 55th Grammy awards. Using the Alchemy API , we were able to extract places that were referenced in each song in our dataset. Other drum samples that get layered are Loud crispy snare drum both samples and synths with harsh hand claps are layered to produce a harsh snare sound Veeger,

Rap music has clearly evolved over the past 30 years, and so a hit in the s has different characterstics than a hit in the s. Interestingly, many places that experience high crime rates in real life, are often mentioned in songs describing criminal activity. The few instruments used to produce rap music include Drum beats, turntables, synthesisers and vocals htmb, There backing vocals and bit of the lead vocals have delay effect applied to them which make the backings repeat with echoes bouncing back after.

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But the genre today has cleaner drum beats used which are most of the time are digital samples downloaded from sample packs. Will the real 'Theme' Shady please stand up?

It sounds to be layered with a moody bass synth that is side chained to it because the bass is loud but when the kick is playing its reduces volume allowing the kick to cut through the mix.

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Snare drum and Claps They used a loud grimy, snappy, rhythmic snare drum which is layered with a clap to give it a sharp sound and compressed making it loud it the song. I believed the kick and the hats used in this track were sourced from the TR Drum machine which they compressed to make them louder and pumping in the song.

The used a bandwidth eq on them where both the high and low frequencies are cut off to make them sound like one was speaking on a telephone telephone effect.

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