An overview of asian theology

Needless to say, African and Asian theologians did not even appear on the theological radar. First, the use of social analysis in Latin American liberation theology had been condemned by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, then Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, in his Instruction On Certain Aspects of Liberation Theology as of Marxist provenance, and hence contrary to the Christian faith. It was then that I "discovered" Aloysius Pieris, and my theological horizon expanded, with Pieris serving as inspiration and guide. In terms of theological orientation, the curriculum was largely based on the teaching of the hierarchical magisterium, papal and conciliar. That Pieris insists on its necessity for Asian theology is a direct challenge to Ratzinger's understanding of how theology should be done. Of course Asia is extremely complex -- even the use of "Asia" is contested -- and any shorthand description of it can easily be challenged. Later, in the course of teaching and research, I became acquainted first with Latin American liberation theology, and then with Asian liberation theology. What is most significant is that from this twofold characteristic he derives the double task for Asian Christianity, and by extension, Asian theologians, which he terms the "double baptism," namely "the Calvary of Asian poverty" and "the Jordan of Asian religion.

Rather it is a collection of nine previously published essays, and happily it is a slim volume -- a mere pages -- and highly readable. Rarely, if ever, was mention made of Latin American theology, even after the landmark meeting of the Conference of Latin American Bishops in Medellin, Colombia, inand the emergence of liberation theology.

However, very few of the professors, who had been trained in neo-scholastic Thomism, were willing or able to embark upon it.

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Other evangelicals are insisting on the necessity of it. Without the former, theology is but an academic exercise for the leisurely elite class; without the latter, theology is but an irrelevant and sterile theoria "contemplation". I During the conference, several guidelines emerged concerning the character of Asian theology.

An overview of asian theology

Pieris has authored some 20 books and hundreds of articles, most of which are published in Asia and not widely available in the West. To be sure, the presence in Asia of various faith groups means that the biblical Christ does not dominate the emerging shape of Asian theology as might be the case in other Third World theologies.

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Take and Read: An Asian Theology of Liberation