An overview of the dueling paradigms of home versus hospital birth

If a hospital birth is planned instead of a home birth, it may initiate a cascade of interventions and negative effects. A setting that allows for continuity of care facilitates a supportive environment for the woman Kirkham, and constitutes her as a woman who can cope with labour.

The critical piece this article does not mention is cost. Thus it is not obvious that the impact of a policy of general hospitalisation is necessarily beneficial even though a very small fraction of all persistent fetal heart rate abnormalities for no obvious reason that do not resolve at home may worsen due to the longer transfer time from diagnosis to intervention.

Home birth vs birth center

The rationale behind the medical model is that a hospital provides a safe environment for a labouring woman, due to the capacity to intervene, without delay, in case of complications e. If any trials are identified that include women with a higher risk, secondary analyses will be done for these. It is time to embrace high-functioning, quality, team-based maternity care. This recommendation might be made for the following reasons: You have high blood pressure. They should also talk with you about potential complications and how they would be managed in a home setting. One of the solutions to the problem with extremely low probabilities has been to say that probabilities and utility or loss do not exist in a vacuum, they exist in a context and have to be interpreted in that context. I was not keen on the idea when my daughter first told me she wanted a home birth, but I kept an open mind.

Search strategy: We searched the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group's Trials Register 30 March and contacted editors and authors involved with possible trials. However, it can happen spontaneously i. Most morbidity measures were not significantly different although a few favoured midwifery care or birth clinics, e.

The majority of women living in high- and middle-income countries have given birth in hospitals since the middle of the 20th century.

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Nevertheless, we still include maternal and perinatal mortality among the primary outcomes as these play an important role in discussions and decisions concerning place of birth. Choose what you want, do it and keep it to yourself, please.

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