Analysis of movie thirteen

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Here's the story as I saw it: Tracy, a seemingly well-adjusted, white girl with a hard-working if flaky, financially struggling, ex-drinker single mom and decent enough guy for a brother suddenly ditches her studious model immigrant South and East Asian friends to pursue a life of sex and drugs under the influence of Evie, a manipulative and self-absorbed Latina.

Brooke accuses Tracy of being really cruel. For more information on choosing credible sources for your paper, check out this blog post. This movie is set in a more innocent place, a small Virginia town, and has a heroine who has not grown up too fast but is still partly a child, as she should be.

Simply put, we were asked to take the role of a clinical psychologist and craft a persuasive assessment of an individual in less than 2, words.

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The complexity of this mother puts a lot of YA novel mothers to shame. Works Cited Thirteen. Better she learn some basic lessons now, while her mother is there to protect her somewhat. The mother can be in the very next room but kids create their own worlds.

They are represented as utterly amoral, freely trafficking in drugs and sex with middle-school aged girls.

Analysis of movie thirteen

Evie tells stories of violence and sexual abuse when she was young, and while we have no trouble believing such things could have happened, it's impossible to be sure when she's telling the truth.

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