Antigone gender roles essay

What role does gender play in the conflict between antigone and creon

Eurydice merges with Ismene under the impression that women come short to being co equals of men. In Sophocles' Antigone, these prejudices notably surface in the form of paternalism as demonstrated through Creon's government, highlighting the importance of gender roles throughout the play The basic conflict in Antigone came about by a disagreement between two brothers in a royal family in Thebes, Eteocles and Polynices, Eteocles being the older brother. Antigone and her sister, Ismene, both come from a humiliating background full of shame and ill-fate. Greek men are born and viewed as the superior being while women face limits on their freedom and justice. When gender and equality are put together, both sexes are treated fairly. Her masculine characteristics intrigue the people around her and motivate some of the women to inherit her male-like qualities. Her intuition and strong will discourages her from listening to the power of the state and to disobey some of her family to respect another part of her family. Cavarero, Adriana. Sophocles uses Isemene and Antigone to show the two different characteristics woman typically interpret. This is proven when Creon finds out that someone buried Polyneices and assumes it was a man who made the offense. The following essay by Luka Cai Minglu received an honorable mention in Unfortunately, it comes too late and before Creon can release Antigone she has already taken her own life. However, the characters portray these ancient values in starkly different ways.

Ismene Beliefs as a Woman Many readers may feel that Ismene was nothing more than a coward. Peter Bagg.

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Some will suggest this is due to the thousands of years women have been limited to certain rights that men are so freely able to obtain. Secondly, she refuses to let Ismene take the blame for this act and thus illustrates how selfless she is.

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Sometimes one listens to the heart over the mind, and it can end tragically. A tragedy is a drama that represents events that lead to destruction, accident, death, or natural calamity.

Antigone gender roles essay

This view was confirmed when the King realised that he had made a mistake. This establishment is personified by her uncle Creon, who is newly crowned as the King of Thebes, and it is usually challenged by whole city-state. Had she been more considerate of all the men rather than just one, she may have realized the awkward situation she would be putting Haemon in by challenging his father in order to serve her brother. In Antigone, Sophocles changes the script of many before him, as he displays his main character, Antigone, a courageous and respectful woman, who has great beliefs in the Gods. When the guards carry her off to her death, she starts wailing about her untimely death. For what is destined for us, men mortal, there is no escape," demonstrating how justice remains impartial to the prejudice of men; those who make imprudent judgments will ultimately suffer from the consequences of their actions. Supported or not, Antigone has made up her mind. Such animalistic imagery also aligns femininity with nature and even barbarity or the absence of civilization. The character of a tragic dramas have to be dead or shown the misfortune that leads to the downfall of the main character. Gender is a range of characteristics associated with certain specific sex. Ismene beliefs are common in comparison to other women in her society but Antigone was not going to stand by and allow men to defy the Gods, even if it meant death for her. It was expected of Ismene, as a woman, to follow the word of man and his law. While the female characters care for and nurture one of their loved ones, the others seem to drift astray. Business Source Complete. The University of Chicago Press,

While working within an essentialist gender binary framework, the Chorus, too, transgresses the boundaries that restrict men and women to their essentialist traits. Even though the play ends tragically, Antigone will never be forgotten as a woman who stood up close to her beliefs regardless if she was cast away by an authoritive male figure.

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Roles of Women in Antigone Essay Example