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Now that this borderland finds itself in the heart of Europe, the frontiers barely exist.

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He is simultaneously a native of Colmar, an Alsatian, a Frenchman and a European. His achievements were possible chiefly because the member states wanted to use the EU machinery as a way of catching up with the economic liberalisation that was bearing fruit in America and Britain under Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

This apparent consensus on European policy belies the fractious nature of opinions in Britain over the future of Europe.

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When the global financial crisis hit, it exposed all the inherent flaws of a halfway-house eurozone. It created a High Authority, which stood above the six governments, to administer its provisions.

Montenegro was a satellite of Italy while Albania had been annexed by Italy[ citation needed ].

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For France, it was the humiliation of defeat and occupation; for Britain, relative political and economic decline; for Spain, a fascist dictatorship; for Poland, a communist one.

But what sort of union does it want?

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And output legitimacy is also by its nature weakest when most needed. The German Confederation of , the successor to the empire, was constructed on very similar lines in order to ensure that Germany did not lapse into civil war and that it remained strong enough to repel invaders, but never became so strong as to pose a threat to its neighbours. With such devastation wrought upon the continent twice in less than fifty years, it was remarkable that Europe managed to recover. Generalplan Ost from state administration and SS leadership sources. In international politics, wars of aggression and territorial annexation were still the norm. They are countered by fans of a radical decentralisation, down to the level of the region and city. What draws Loading, please wait Pause to think for a moment, and you realise how odd this is. A survey in , before the most recent elections, found that one in ten Britons could name their MEP in Strasbourg, compared with half who could name their MP in Westminster. The time when a system requires propping up is when it is resented—which is when any faith that it is doing good will be at a low ebb. Nobody forced these previously sovereign states into the common currency, at the barrel of a gun or in any other way. But merely puncturing the double-standards of ideology does not get us far. We do not think of composers or film-makers or even mighty producers as makers of power-politics. But in part, too, it was the tenor of the times.
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