Buzzwords for resume cover letters

If so, add the adjectives to your list and consider using them in your cover letter. As the Manager of Advertising at a top cosmetics company, I have moved fourteen different product lines from the bottom shelf to the counter top in every major department store.

Craft a Winning Cover Letter in 10 Minutes When looking over your cover letter, give your final draft a boost by seeing what generic terms you can upgrade. Action verbs show your ability to succeed.

cover letter vocabulary

A casual reader should be able to sense how these words add to the strength of these statements. These words fall into three general categories: skill words, results-oriented words, and words which show recognition for achievements.

Pursue jobs that sound like they were written with someone like you in mind. Browse Open Jobs. When describing yourself, Williams recommends: enthusiastic, passionate and integrity.

This statement provides a second opportunity to use this technique. However, for a general cover letter, he said these following words connote key skills that work for "all resumes with years of experience. We spoke to three career experts and rounded up their favorite keywords everyone should put on his or her cover letter.

Determining culture fit is becoming as important to companies as evaluating past experience.

Buzzwords for resume cover letters

The first should be about the employer, the second should be about you and the third should be about the company. If so, add the adjectives to your list and consider using them in your cover letter. Skill Keywords Job seekers should carefully analyze the skills required to excel in their target job and incorporate them into their cover letter. Example: I am a detail-oriented secretary who carefully proofreads my emails, correspondence and reports. For example, words like accomplished, developed, managed, and handled describe what you have achieved. By slipping in smart, eye-catching words. Personality Descriptors Write down words that you and others would use to describe you. Results-Oriented Keywords All employers are looking for employees who will add value and generate positive results for their organizations. The cover letter is your first introduction to the person who may hire you, and its goal should be to make you as memorable as possible, in a good way. For instance, many jobs seek a dynamic, bold, confident and poised self-starter. From the job seeker perspective, keywords are the words job seekers use to search for available positions. I only apply to jobs at companies that have an established reputation for honesty and integrity. Expand By using these types of keywords, you are clearly showing what you accomplished in your previous roles. Image: Deviant Art Javid Muhammedali, the vice president of product management at Monster , tells Mashable that keywords change depending on the job you're applying for.
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How to Use Keywords in Your Cover Letters