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During the session I used a range of open and closed questions.

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Moreover, sensitivity to the values held by oneself and by the person seeking help. In a nutshell, counselling is a complex and a very wide field, a number of approaches exists in the world and the best method to be used by the counselors is left to be an individual decision.

I will first look at the counselling skill inventory and give a brief overview of which skills I feel most comfortable using and which I find more challenging, I will then go on to discuss in detail 3 skills that I wish to focus on and develop more during my course.

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Questioning Techniques and Advanced Counselling Skills. Similarly Egan describes an effective guideline for turning into clients as represented by an acronym: SOLER, which is important in the beginning of any counselling session. The onus will be on Humanistic counselling but many of these skills are central to all counselling types. I felt that overall the session went well. Accepting a homework challenge Leesa agreed to approach some friends to see if she could catch up with them at the next weekend. Bhaskar also stated that at Shree Motilal Kanhaiyalal Fomra Institute of Technology, Kelambakkam, where a student committed suicide in , students had commented on how they were not aware of any such facility available in the college. This will include a summary of the session. Even though the entire crisis was not resolved on the mediation table, positive altitudes have a profound contact on the parties.

At a point in the session it had been identified that the client had become stuck and was unsure of what direction to take due to a series of negative experiences at work. W Australia. I was also able to take a neutral position during the whole period of settling the conflict.

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A discussion of my application of these skills, as well as areas of possible improvement will supported by reference to relevant literature. Possessing the knowhow to accept others and conviction in the exploring the potential for change, awareness of ethical and moral choices.

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I n this reflective essay, I will describe the style of counselling that I used so farthe actions I had taken, the area of skills where I need further improvement, my perception about the feedbacks from other students and faculty supervisor.

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Informative Essay Sample: Counselling Skills