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The credit creation process may suffer from leakages of cash. When there is a budget surplus showing an increase in the government deposits, there is a corresponding decline in the money supply.

Image Source: askright. The combined balance sheet also shows that the banks have created a total credit of TZS and maintained a total cash reserve of TZS which equals the primary deposits.

At the end of deposits and lending, the balance sheet of bank 1 will be as follows:- The amount advanced to D will return ultimately to the banking system as described in case of B and process of deposits and credit creation will continue until the reserve with banks is reduced to zero.

And when the reserve requirement increased by the central bank it would directly affect on the credit creation by bank because then the lendable funds with the bank decreases and vice versa. Also, the value of the securities must be equal to the amount of the loan.

The total volume of credit created by the commercial banks in a multi-bank system remains same as that in a single bank system. In short, there are two types of money in a fractional-reserve banking system: central bank money physical currency commercial bank money money created through loans — sometimes referred to as checkbook money.

The derivative deposits thus may arise in banks other than those where the primary deposits originated. The volume and direction of bank credit has an important bearing on the level of economic activity.

Further, the bank keeps 20 percent of Rs.

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Commercial banks while performing the same function, they create credit or bank money also. Commercial banks create credit by advancing loans and purchasing securities.

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Credit Creation