Different types of business reporting analyst

Although they both leverage various forms of data visualization in their deliverables, analysis is different from reporting because it emphasizes data points that are significant, unique, or special — and explain why they are important to the business. This kind of analytical reporting can bring time-consuming writing and exporting documents into the pains of the past, since the dynamics of digital reports have gone into the future of digital data and age.

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It combines a lot of important KPIs, like the average weekly sales revenue, customer acquisition cost and yearly overview of the revenue and profit. Healthcare: How to reduce the patients waiting time in our hospital? The analytics team may have to juggle multiple requests at the same time.

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Even analysis outputs such as ad hoc responses may not drive action if they fail to include recommendations. In addition, sometimes the lines between reporting and analysis can blur — what feels like analysis is really just another flavor of reporting. Digital marketing KPIs have expanded since the use of digital media has entered into the marketing scene and reports have become more broad and detailed.

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Reporting vs. Analysis: What’s the Difference?