Essay on construction safety management

construction safety essay

Conversely, active indicators are those that can be subject to change in a short period. Secondary research methods will involve an exhaustive review of available sources such as textbooks, newspaper articles, academic journals, organizational reports, and official publications from firms and government agencies that offer reliable, credible, and invaluable information relating to the research topic.

Essay on construction safety management

Discussion As mentioned in the Introduction, the primary objective of this paper is to review the state of knowledge regarding safety management systems. Incident Rate. I believe that proper health and safety management would facilitate growth and development of the construction industry. With the summarized findings of this manuscript, practitioners can be beneficial by applying available safety management systems mentioned in this paper, as well as various methods of safety measurement. Hallowell Finally, Carvajal 11 proposed a five-step cycle: regulation, education and training, risk assessment, risk prevention, and accident analysis. Koehn Safety Management System Toolkit. Thompson The severity rate is calculated by dividing number of lost work days by total number of recordable incidents.

As an Occupational Health and Safety Special we evaluate, and analyze work environments and design programs and procedures to control, eliminate, and prevent disease or injury caused by chemical, physical, and biological agents or ergonomic factors.

I am currently in charge of a small site which comprises of 12 semi-detached two storey dwellings.

site safety essay

With the summarized findings of this manuscript, practitioners can be beneficial by applying available safety management systems mentioned in this paper, as well as various methods of safety measurement.

Required by WHS acts Workplace Health and Safety Actboth employees and employers have responsibilities to set up a safe and healthy working environment and for employees they should protect themselves away from injuries and follow WHS instructions and safe rules It also recommends various courses of action that can be taken by major stakeholders to ensure good health and safety of workers in the construction industry.

Quinlan These were selected as sources of information due to their size and the quality of the publications found in them, however for future research other sources may be considered The first problem needing to be addressed was how to suitably classify all the information.

The advantages of activity measures for supervisors are Petersen, Moreover, I would also assert that the health and safety of workers should be a major concern to all stakeholders in the construction industry.

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Through primary research methods, the researcher will collect data about the research topic using a structured survey approach in the form of questionnaires and interviews. Culture's confusions, Elsevier.

This will entail identifying various causes of accidents and injuries in the industry, as well as challenges faced by workers and employers in the workplace in relation to health and safety management. The committee also recognizes and identifies workplace risks, conducts inspection and makes recommendations to the employer to address the risk Ontario Ministry of Labour, Safety Signs Safety signs are sets of symbols, signals or warnings used by an organization to inform workers about various hazards and risks in the workplace. Other users and recipients of OSHA services include: occupational safety and health professionals, the academic community, lawyers, journalists, and personnel of other government entities. According to Pattullo , the rate of accidents and injuries in the construction industry is three times higher than accident rates in other risky industries, for example, mining. Another rate used to give a company an average of number of lost days per incident is called a severity rate. Health and Safety Policy This is a written document that outlines various issues related to the health and safety of workers within an organization. For example, Lewin and the University of Western Sydney reported that the rate of accidents in the construction industry increased by twenty-one percent between January and December Some models have been developed based on only high reliable organizations, and some have been developed through analyzing accidents. For example, construction firms should give necessary on-site training and education to workers to reduce their exposure to hazards in the workplace.

Moreover, this research proposal would also recommend alternative solutions to these challenges that would enable workers and employers to achieve effective health and safety management in the construction industry.

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Safety Manager Essay