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Another area of great interest for the gifting industry marketers is the actual on site behavior of consumers, the way they make different marketing decisions and choices, and their shopping motivations.

Although Earth doesn't spin faster around the Sun, everything on the planet has picked up speed. This is why the consumer oriented policy has spread quicker than a virus. Ritual represents another aspect of obligation.

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In his analysis of gift giving, Sherry suggests that gift giving has social, economic, and personal dimensions and develops a typology employing the nature of the gift, the relationship between donor and recipient, and situational conditions, such as holidays. Earlier research focused on the differences between purchasing for personal use and for gift giving Belk, Heeler et al.

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Clinical psychologists and psychotherapists have identified needs of patients communicated by gifts, e. Although she appreciated the gesture, she promptly returned it to the store and bought an "extremely boring" tea kettle that she uses every day.

All these figures are relative to the expenditure, and offer relevant insights into the buying patterns of gift givers.

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