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For any small minority, such transmission is no simple undertaking; history is littered with examples of extinct national groups and faith communities that, for want of a successful strategy to preserve their distinctive identities, were swallowed by majority cultures.

For these groups, intermarriage rates often differed by gender.

being in an interracial marriage

What might Jewish leaders say to intermarried families and especially to couples contemplating intermarriage? A more apt analogue may be contemporary Russia, where intermarriage among Jews has been the norm for at least three generations; it is estimated that by the end of the Soviet era, seven out of ten Jewish males and six out of ten Jewish females had married non-Jews.

The Reform movement has already instituted that change. In Shakespeare's Othello these traditions can be used to examine the play in a historical context.

Miscegenation laws banning interracial marriage representations! As in any relationship or marriage, both partners have to be flexible and open-minded when facing unexpected arguments and issues.

Mapping these large disparities, the sociologist Steven M. After many years of discrimination, segregation, and miscegenation laws there came a turn around. Me with whoever they make up a research has been a friend once told them like a person of what do not need a marriage.

However, this is the case in most marriages. These differences should be embraced and may likely be some of the most enriching parts of your lives. First and foremost, a more assertive approach to intermarriage would require the dignified acknowledgement by Jewish institutions that endogamous families are the Jewish ideal—the best hope for transmitting a strong identity to the next generation.

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