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Most children enjoy the sound of language for its own sake.

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Changing plot structure so it reveals the story in as gripping a manner as possible is often your first step in revision. The myths, whose artificiality contemporary writers have been at such pains to point out, become in Gardner's work real and life giving once again, without ever losing their modern character of fictiveness.

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He will retain them. Both the meaning and the beauty of the writing depend on these sounds and rhythms. I write three hours every morning. There are other things that are interesting in O'Hara, and I don't mean to put him down excessively, but I go for another kind of fiction: I want the effect that a radio play gives you or that novels are always giving you at their best. Sequels are quiet times in the story, time for the characters to think and process, react to disasters. Maria and Harried married. One-thousand or two-thousand words every day for the next twenty years. Scene vs. Talented writing is, however, something else. How so? Between these extremes, the endless sentence and the very short sentence, lies a world of variation, a world every writer must eventually explore.

Some of them are not quite as good. In the end, your navel contains only lint. What kind of schedule? For me, writers like John O'Hara are interesting only in the way that movies and tv plays are interesting; there is almost nothing in a John O'Hara novel that couldn't be in the movies just as easily.

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I do book reviews when I'm hard up for money, which I am all the time. Structure is the shape of that plot. Something like this.

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Overarching Hints of Huge Importance to me Slay the reader over your shoulder. The latest version of a painting overlays earlier versions, and obliterates them. The ordinary is extraordinary. Writing teachers and journalism courses have been known to compare them to crutches and to imply that no writer of any character or competence would use them. Walter becomes a meth maker-dealer. It is the solitude of the author, of writing. And writing, or thinking about writing, takes up much of his day. Also sentence fragments. This Year You Write Your Novel, Walter Mosley The first thing you have to know about writing is that it is something you must do every day—every morning or every night, whatever time it is that you have. A writer is an explorer. It's got Grendel, and Grendel's mother. For the reader, the voice has to exist from the first sentence. In Breaking Bad, the story is: Walter gets cancer Walter needs money for after he dies. With steady practice comes mastery. We must take the time to satiate our heads with the insightful musings of others, sparking neurological connections and creating something new.
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