Juries in the english legal system essay

The modern US version of a jury derived from ancient English law.

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But Alfred, Graf von Schlieffen, presided over the German military in the era of Kaiser William's Weltpolitik and adopted a more ambitious and risky course It will attempt to understand the difference between public law and private law and the difference…. In a criminal case, a verdict need not be unanimous where there are not fewer than 11 jurors if 10 of them agree on a verdict after considering the case for a reasonable time not less than two hours. However, this can also be viewed as a con because if they all have the wrong preconception the jurors could possibly wrongly accuse the accused Some people think that trial by jury is fairer than a judge because the jury is independent and therefore could not be influenced by the government. From the stoning and crucifixion killings of the B. This is also one of the best ways that the jury system in the United Kingdom has used to make sure that the courts have absolute public trust and confidence at all times. The absence of such a legislation in the country aimed at abolishing the jury system is a great testament to the fact that the system is serving the justice system in the country in the best way possible and also it continues to have tremendous public trust something that makes it all important not to abolish it since this has the propensity of injuring the justice system. In conclusion and though there are shortcomings of the jury system, it is important that they be retained as a means of administering public justice. The modern US version of a jury derived from ancient English law.

Traditionally, the jury system has been viewed as a cornerstone of common law procedure. In civil cases, the jury decide if the claimant has proved their case and the amount of damages compensation However, due to some limitations in the existing studies like for example in McCoy and Gray study, they did not tell us the reason why father rated as guiltier than a female.

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They are mainly used in the District and Supreme Court if the accused pleads guilty. There is no disputing the decision since this will be a recipe for doubts on the credibility of the thought process all along hence making the justice system to be devoid of any kind of public trust.

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It is a matter of great interest in the general community and many people have written on it, ranging from past jurors to university students It has been argued that jury is not smart enough to handle fact finding in cases such as fraud and embezzlement and they do not have sufficient experience to deal with complex cases where evidence requires analytical skills something that was pointed out in the landmark case of Aitken v Preston CA.

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Trial by Jury withing the English Legal System Essay