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In greater impact, it can jeopardize a business unit or company existence.

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A few were not running as planned, yet not so few can contribute cash inflows to the company. It is the strategy to bring new products and services in market faster than ever. The boots and shoes we build are made with the same commitment". In greater impact, it can jeopardize a business unit or company existence. Level of brand loyalty shown by a customer can switch to radical degree for brand extension case. Nike, adopted after the Greek goddess of victor, was chosen replace previous name and a graduate student named Carolyn Davidson designed the swoosh logo. Brand Extension Brand extension refers to the expansion of the brand itself into new territories or markets.

In short, line extension adds variety to its existing product for the sake of reaching a more diverse customer base and enticing existing customers with new options. References 2.

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As more alternatives available before purchase decision is made, consumer without consciously reconciling their experiences with other products of the same brand. Virgin decisions to take this approach are tightly tied to the founder and CEO of the group, Richard Branson. Soon the marketing program worked well and Nike began an advertising debut promoting to public that some marathoners wore Nikes shoes. The brand, or company, is an established name, and so the name alone can serve to drive customers to try new products completely unrelated to the older product lines. In , Nike introduced a series of electronic gadgets. Meanwhile, company transfer ability denotes company environments i. Line extension and brand extension address the marketing of commercial goods.

There are some factors that lead to brand dilution. Nike is an example on how a brand is extended to enter some different product categories and still sustains to business competitions. The perception tried to transfer from the parent brand to footwear clearly demonstrate the strengths and outdoor equipment.

Challenging point of value created to retailers deal with offering broad variety of products with constrained space they have.

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For instance, Cadbury may experience brand dilution by loosing its strong identity of chocolate and candy bar by running a number of different categories like mashed potatoes, Budi Utama Managing director of Bloomhead mail bloomhead. Targeting diverse markets from men and women to children, Nike also targets different sport categories.

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