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Dad doesn't pay for their weddings; instead, he offers the brides a set amount--he won't specify how much--to spend as they want. Result: a new policy that reduced payments to those who didn't either bring in new converts or help others do so. You just need to find the right one with the right products.

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Corny though they are, these gestures go the heart of VanderSloot's values: hard work, decent rewards and simple living. And, in a departure from many multilevel marketing schemes, VanderSloot is insistent about not burdening new recruits with huge startup costs or a garageful of inventory.

VanderSloot signs a contract with each one detailing his expectations. Although not complicated, each person's circumstances can determine what membership type is best. When sales flattened, VanderSloot did some digging and discovered that some senior directors were living off their residuals and doing little in the way of recruitment.

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