Metal projects

scrap metal project ideas

These pieces offer nostalgia that allows a person to walk down memory lane. World Map Whether it be for reference or simply for wall decor, this world map cut from Cor-Ten weathering steel looks great indoors or out.

Custom Plaque Make anything sentimental with a customized laser-cut metal plaque.

sheet metal projects

Bottom Line I hope this gives you a little insight on where to find scrap metal for welding projects. Headlight Bracket The beauty of custom laser cut metal is that you can sneak in elements of design wherever you want.

Surplus means an amount of something left over when requirements have been met or an excess of production or supply over demand.

Metal art projects

A lot of times they will be absolutely thrilled to let you take it away for them, just remember to mention that your service is free for them and at the time they specify. The more you can get to know the person who has the final say in letting you take their junk, the better. A Boat Anchor! Sometimes it will take you multiple tries to get ahold of someone and sometimes you have to do more than just ask them to haul off their junk for free. People will do business with other people that they like, know, and trust. Industrial Areas If you can find a manufacturing facility or warehouse, a lot of times they will have scrap metal just laying around behind their building. What Is Surplus?

Custom Clocks A unique wall clock bridges the gap of functionality and art. Video: How to get scrap metal from construction sites 7.

Metal projects
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Welding Projects