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We need to create jobs in agriculture. Katumbi went to court in France and won back his rights to MCK, but it has not been easy to take back control from a distance as the Kinshasa authorities remained hostile to him.

His father was the first black banker in the country. Surely everyone, including Kabila, would largely agree that all these things are important. If we are to judge a person by the company they keep, as the old adage goes, Katumbi begins to resemble every other African politician he claims to abhor.

Why should they believe in you? President Kabila today is illegal. Is this true?

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You criticise Kabila now, but you were very close to him for many years. Soriano also stands to gain billions from a lucrative deal with the Angolan government, which just awarded him a contract to build nearly , homes in that country over the next twenty years. Katumbi has been out of the country for three years, though, casting doubts on his mobilising power. She will be interviewed on TV5 Monde and France 24 on this topic. In spite of repeated attacks by the government trying to poach its members, the Rassemblement remained united and determined to defend the Congolese Constitution and to oppose dictatorship. Previous Article. He was once an ally of Kabila but the pair fell out. If we are to judge a person by the company they keep, as the old adage goes, Katumbi begins to resemble every other African politician he claims to abhor. First, you need energy. Between and , more than kms of dirt roads were rehabilitated and kms of roads were surfaced. While he promotes an image of trust and integrity in his foreign visits and in the media, a deeper dive into his past reveals a far more complex picture. To some, he is a patriot, encouraging his followers to criticize and challenge the government. Daily newsletter: join our subscribers! Katumbi no longer has a valid DRC passport because the Kabila government maintained that he previously had Italian citizenship — a claim that Katumbi denies. As Katumbi plots his path back to power, his wife and brother continue to position themselves as the financial beneficiaries of his past and present political ambitions.

Through questionable relationships with Congo's much-maligned former leader, Mobutu Sese Seko, Soriano grew wealthy by plundering the nation's resources -- not an uncommon occurrence during much of Mobutu's reign.

Katumbi was given a three-year jail term in absentia for alleged property fraud -- an accusation he denied -- and was barred from standing in last December's elections. He strongly advocates the rule of law and calls Joseph Kabila to respect the Constitution.

In an article in Le Mondedated September 22,she explained these threats in detail.

Moise katumbi business plan

Kabila will no longer be president. As president of the team, Katumbi created the "one hundred percent" which consists of young men that owed obedience, loyalty, sacrifice, and devotion to him. We went from 8, tonnes to 1. He then diversified to transport, trade and mining. The difference between us first is that I respected the constitution. At the moment, our money is going to other countries for imports. Daily newsletter: join our subscribers! Soriano made much of his fortune in the mining business, providing food and supplies to the Gecamines mine operation, the largest mining site in the DRC. And develop agriculture. Is this true? The Congolese government has tremendous influence over Gecamines, and if Katumbi wins the presidency, he will unparalleled sway over the site. The Academy focuses mainly on the recruitment of Katangese talents. The main roads of Lubumbashi were tarred and several main roads were renovated and surfaced. He asked for his case to be studied by the bishops.

Kabila, on the other hand, still controls parliament, and his political platform, the Front Commun pour le Congo, is due to take control of several ministries.

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Moise Katumbi and His Family's Illicit Fortunes