Narrative structure in the great gatsby

Time is handled in a linear fashion for most of this chapter, although there are some brief anecdotes told by Myrtle and Catherine which refer to past events. This technique reinforces the mystery of the characters.

There are also some points at which Nick draws attention to his manipulation of time or simply jumps backwards to a different time. The emphasis is put on visual perception.

The narrative then returns to the rest of the party events. Nick's own process of initiation Even if Gatsby is the novel's main protagonist, the novel bears witness to the process of initiation undergone by Nick.

great gatsby plot structure

Daisy rejects Gatsby and denies any love for him and returns to Tom and her daughter. Nick has a varying attitude towards Gatsby.

Non linear narrative in the great gatsby

On the 19th of November I was given a chance to meet up with F. From this, we know that the story will be very one-sided, portraying the images and minds of others throughout the novel, as Nick sees them, despite how they really are; leaving the reader to come up with their own assumptions in between the lines of the author. An Interview with F. As usual with this device, the main protagonist remains strange and shady. Scott Fitzgerald, provides many details, which help to provoke the meaning behind this narrative. Nick Carraway: a privileged witness Nick is not a random choice, it is very well calculated. Nick's viewpoint evolves and his changing outlook bestows a further dimension on the novel. The arrival of the telegram from Henry C. Nick is just echoing: 'German spy during the war', 'he killed a man once'. Gatsby is a bad person, as Nick shows a very sudden distaste for him and therefore forces the reader to make the same conclusion. An eye-witness account Nick witnesses some of the events of Gatsby's last summer and sometimes participates in them. Yet, Nick is a good observer and can draw his own conclusions. He has two functions: seeing and acting. That is why this first person viewpoint is modified: Nick can only rely on what he has been told. When Gatsby dashes into the kitchen, Nick is made privy of his companion's feelings.

Nick's subjective account Nick is unreliable: he has a romantic turn of mind pushing him to idealize certain characters. Nick uses his logical mind to come up with a definitive story, result of words that have been filtered by different minds.

The accounts repeated may be unreliable and called into question.

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Essay about Narrative Structure in the Great Gatsby