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Rowthorn and Wayne33 In addition, trade unions often acted as employment representatives; thus, since the unions were sectarian in nature, Catholics were effectively banned from employment in many instances.

In total, ten prisoners died throughout the strike. This event was especially gruesome because the bomb was an incendiary device, which exploded as a ball of fire, causing the victims to be burned alive.

The Loyalists wish it to remain how it is while the Nationalists want it to be joined. Vocal demands from both communities for Stormont to address the problem resulted in the government's grudging willingness to implement a series of welfare state programs similar to those in effect in Great Britain. Its power was buttressed by a close association with the Protestant fraternal organisations such as the Orange Order. The Cameron Commission thoroughly investigated Local Authority employment and found that Unionist councils had used their power to discriminate against Catholics in the hiring process Rowthorn and Wayne , Both Catholic and Protestant extremists rejected the plan out of hand. The British Army was deployed to restore order and was initially welcomed by Catholics. The Hunger Strikes. Cultural Identity To understand the historical enmity between the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, it is necessary to understand past conflicts between the two groups and to examine the reasons they have remained separate throughout their history. There were other incidents of large scale shooting of civilians such as the Ballymurphy shootings 11 dead in and the Springhill shootings 5 deaths in However, there is a variety of catalysts; such as the atrocities of Bloody Sunday, the Good Friday Agreement and other events that have played a role in the hostilities that have scarred Irelands land and people.

The United Kingdom, of which Northern Ireland is a part, is a functioning democracy where it might be argued there is no need for violence in order to bring about political change The ceasefire is generally seen as a response to the Downing Street Agreement.

As well as this, Catholic who applied to university or colleges stood a much chance of being rejected than Protestants because of this, Catholics found it much harder to get high paid jobs and were much less likely to be promoted to higher positions Yet despite this small number, the north and south of Ireland have been in bitter conflict with each other which has been going on for decades This provoked a grim struggle within the prisons.

The violence itself began in at the beginning of NICRA's campaign of peaceful demonstrations to enlist the support of the Catholic community. Even though many of these new branch plants were established in areas dominated by Protestant communities, the background of the owners of the plants and their lack of direct connection to the conflict meant that their hiring practices were less discriminatory.

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A Story of Conflict: The Northern Ireland Troubles