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Role Play One other way of getting students to speak is role-playing. Therefore, it is essential that language teachers pay great attention to teaching speaking. The salary for each JET teacher is roughly, yen a month,making the scheme a costlyone.

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In this way, the discussion points are relevant to this purpose, so that students do not spend their time chatting with each other about irrelevant things. The emergence of English as a global language and a perception that English language skills are in decline have caused concern at the national government level. The Philippine governmenthas become so concerned about the effectof English as a medium of instruction on school children thatit is that schools from switch proposing using English and Filipino to using the vernacular from Grade 1 Philippine Commission on Educational Reform, , based on the assumption that "this change will make students stayin, rather than drop out of, school, learn better,quicker and more permanently" p. In the words of one informant: has becomea must forsuccessin bothstudying It can be said thattheEnglish is and working. In to enhance the Hong Kong, the governmenthas made serious efforts skills of teachers and has the benchmandated professional English of teachers. Teacher Education school level, teachers With the introductionof English at the primary need special training in the needs of younger learners. London: Longman. Taipei, Taiwan: Author. Course schools. In practice, however,considerable Ministry schools may teach up variationexists. In role-play activities, the teacher gives information to the learners such as who they are and what they think or feel. Another divide is that between urban and nonurban areas. However, today's world requires that the goal of teaching speaking should improve students' communicative skills, because, only in that way, students can express themselves and learn how to follow the social and cultural rules appropriate in each communicative circumstance. Principles for teaching writing The following are a few principles that every teacher should consider while planning a course, whether it is a writing course, or a course in which writing will play a part. Nunan, D.

Rubrics can include the vocabulary or structures they need to use while narrating. For efficient group discussions, it is always better not to form large groups, because quiet students may avoid contributing in large groups.

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nunan 2003 writing a cover

Taiwan aims to be a major economic global player and sees the economic imperative as a major impetus for promoting the learning of English. However, if your curriculum includes a lot of personal writing, and the students other courses do not, what is your justification for including this kind of writing?

The globalization of English has had a considerable impact on policy and practice in Vietnam. In the Year 12 textbook, students review the materials they have studied in previousyearsand continue to practice theirfourlanguage skills,but the emphasis is mostlyon developing theirreading skills.

These activities make students more active in the learning process and at the same time make their learning more meaningful and fun for them.

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