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Part Two: Perestroika[ edit ] At the funeral of a friend, a shaken Prior relates his encounter with the Angel to Belize. Even though he is not seeking religious enlightenment, Prior is visited by an angel who decrees his role as a prophet.

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The progress of mankind on Earth caused Heaven to suffer earthquake-like tremors and physically deteriorate. When she moves to New York to be closer to him, she ends up taking care of Harper as well as Prior, whom she meets at the Mormon Visitors' Center. By the end of the novel she has settled into her life in New York and appears to be more secular. Last revised: Jan Summary Angels in America is really two full-length plays. Lies — One of Harper's imaginary friends. When Louis finally visits his weakened companion, Prior scorns him, explaining that he cannot return unless he has experienced pain and injury. Joe is somewhat of an ethical character: when Roy asks him to take a job that would help Roy continue to do illegal things, Joe refuses, saying that it goes against his ethics.

She visits Roy, whom she blames for her conviction and execution. The relationship between her and Joe is an unhappy one, and, as she becomes more sure of his attraction to men, her mental health problems only increase.

Last revised: Jan Summary Angels in America is really two full-length plays. When Cohn is put on his floor, Belize knows exactly who he is; he takes the AZT—at the time, a rare and valuable drug—that Cohn has stockpiled, and gives it to the needy, including his closest friend and former lover, Prior.

Ethel Rosenberg A real person, Ethel, along with her husband, was executed during the height of the Cold War Red Scare due to the suspicion that they were Communist spies. Louis goes to him after he finds that Prior had AIDS and asks him if it would be a sin to abandon him.

Louis's moral journey, from callous abandonment to genuine repentance and sorrow, is one of the key maturations in the play; his awakening of responsibility parallels the awakening that the play seeks to awaken in its audiences.

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Played by the actor playing Harper. It was performed several times as staged readings by both the Eureka Theatre during the world premiere of part one inand the Mark Taper Forum in May The published script indicates that Kushner made a few revisions to Perestroika in the following year.

Ethel Rosenberg watches Roy suffer and decline before delivering the final blow as he lies dying: He has been disbarred after all.

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Angels in America, Part One: Millenium Approaches (Play) Plot & Characters