Problems of airline system and how

The benefits to IAG from a shop-order-pay approach could be considerable. Here's a closer look a handful of the challenges that plague the airline industry:.

Sabre should pay compensation to the airlines for airline reservation system failures. Consolidation, coupled with relatively affordable fuel prices and increasingly savvy management teams has resulted in record profits for the industry.

Airlines don't like to spend a lot of money on technology, so their systems are antiquated before they receive long-overdue upgrades, say experts.

However, the problems that plague the airline industry have not gone away.

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The majority of US travel agents use Sabre to book flights. Complexity and cost issues limit the number of revenue-generating and innovative products IAG can undertake. More on that in a minute.

Airline reservation system case study

The legacy approach also results in an antiquated offer management process. Data is duplicated and cumbersome to reconcile between these different items. And while the causes are complex, the contingency plan is as simple as ever. And let's not forget about the issues created by changes in our actual climate. This kind of service failure is similar to involuntarily denied boarding but without any compensation. Around the world, the number of people flying increased by 6. Simply apologizing for screwing up hundreds of thousands of travel plans is not adequate. The very things that make airlines so interesting and alluring are also the same things that threaten its well-being. Plus, compensation to passengers for missed family events, missed connections, and business events should be paid and required. The Passenger Name Record PNR , is the record that is created when a booking is made and contains all the data vital to the booking. However, Travelers United holds that these IT problems are the fault of the airlines and their contractors.

PSA Airlines, a regional subsidiary of American, had a hardware issue with one of its staff scheduling systems.

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Flight Delayed Because Of A "Technology Issue"? Better Get Used To It