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These devices are very affordable to acquire and are currently used to track resources, patients, doctors and expensive equipment.

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It is an important issue and will become much more so in the next few years. The fact is, DARPA was researching this project way before September 11th and only brought it into the public eye as a supposed reaction to terrorism.

Today, they are used in wireless systems, for example, the E-Z passes you see on the turnpikes. In the home, parents will no longer have to worry about their children being lost or stolen. Due to the wireless nature of RFID, we find its use in various applications such as in retail management, healthcare, toll stations, postal service and many other areas.

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This technology can be used anywhere, from clothing tags to pet collars. Companies can see how every single shipment is progressing and helps identify problem faster to get them resolved quicker RFID combines the interface of a smart card and a reader into a single device.

The aircraft can only take off if all the checked-in baggage has its owner on board And these tags have the capabilities to ensure the well-being of the elderly, providing those that need it with a type of security blanket which guarantees that medication is taken when needed and making care more readily available.

We have to say no and use the analogy that they are both arms on the same beast. Our chocolate rations must have been increased. There are two basic types of RFID tags. This process involves tagging an object to a transmitter which will emit a burst of information including identification of the tag.

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