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should there be a legal curfew for minors essay

However, for weekends apart from going to church, I am not allowed to go anywhere unless we are visiting as a family. Teta urges fellow students, teenagers and youth to put up with curfew patiently, saying life has much to offer for those who wait.

Let them know that they need to demonstrate greater responsibility before you expand their privileges.

Reasons against curfew

A curfew is an order or ordinance that prohibits people of a certain age usually children still in school under 18 from being in public or outside their homes during certain hours, such as beyond pm. Teens need to be aware of natural consequences for not following rules as well as the consequences imposed by parents. Please try again. By rewarding responsible behavior, a parent will encounter less resistance to enforcing rules. Sometimes your child might have to break curfew for reasons beyond their control. Teenagers are no more likely to follow the rules today than they were in the past. How did they react towards it? Get diet and wellness tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. Make it clear that you'll wait up for your teen to make sure he gets home on time. Are curfews important in schools as well? There is one the opponent team would say that is they need their freedom. Safety Often, it is not the behavior of the teenager that is of concern to a parent, but the behavior of other people and how it will impact them.

The teen years are the time when a person is becoming a young adult who needs and should have the freedom to learn about life.

Following social rules is an important part of that process. You should establish a curfew based on what's best for your teen and what's best for your family.

against teenage curfew essays

A curfew allows parents to have some comfort when it comes to their child's wellbeing. Sometimes, it is just nice to have a reason to leave. Teen Curfew Do's There are several things you can do to establish a safe and appropriate curfew for your teen.

Was this page helpful? Why do parents give curfew to their children? If a child wastes themselves with bad groups and they are taken to prison may be because of drug abuse, it is the parents who suffer more trying to get their child cleared. For example, poor weather conditions might make it dangerous for them to drive.

reasons why there should be a curfew

Talk about your expectations if he's running late and emphasize that it's important to get home safely, even if he's a few minutes late.

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Curfew for Teens: What Is Realistic?