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British writer, creator Sherlock Holmes, the best-known detective in literature and the embodiment of sharp reasoning. This made the reader feel as though Lavinia has just turned a victim of the lonely one as the heat has just invaded her; in the same way the Lonely One invades his victims.

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As Holmes is investigating the household Helen mentions that she believes that the pending alterations were just an excuse to move her from her room Doyle Through the dense smog, the gas lamps provided feeble lighting which flickered as passer-bys walked on their way April of The central character, aside from Holmes and Watson of course, is a young woman named Helen Stoner.

Where in Lamb to the Slaughter the end is more like a comedy scene, which is designed to make you laugh as you watch the police men eat the leg of lamb that she committed the murder with and then hear her laugh 'Mary Malo In a murder mystery, there is usually a mystery, victim, villain, weapons, secrets, cliff-hanger endings and a detective.

Helen Stoner: A woman who wants Sherlock Holmes to solves the mystery of her twin sister Julias death.

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Speckled Band’ starts Essay