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He specializes in the history of the Roman Empire, but is interested in the dynamics of pre-modern cultures more generally. For this reason, though daily attendance is welcome and encouraged, the Center expects attendance at lunch just four days a week.

His next book project will focus on the criminalization of homosexuality in Russia during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in comparison with Northern Europe.

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Stanford departments have hosted Mellon Fellows for over thirty years, based on a generous grant from the Andrew W. Seniors should be in a humanities discipline and writing an honors thesis. Project Summary: The stability of a state depends on the legitimacy of its institutions. The transformative potential of figurative speech employed in proverbs became apparent to John while practicing as a union labor lawyer, his previous profession. Program admissions focus on selected fields of scholarship in each application year on a rotating basis. Applicants are advised to have no more than one reference letter from an individual at their home institution. What should I do if I take another job or fellowship during the competition? However, we do ask that you limit shipments to research and work material only not clothes or household items , as we have very limited storage space at the Center. Hume and Dr. Try to minimize your energy use during peak demand hours from noon to 6 p. Students are nominated by faculty advisors, and selected by a Stanford Humanities Center committee early in the fall quarter. Awards are made from an applicant pool of approximately Basu addresses two primary lacunae in the study of norms and legitimacy: the absence of a political theory about norms; and b empirical methods for analyzing norms. He is currently assistant professor of history and classics at Vanderbilt.

Not being awarded a grant in a previous competition will in no way negatively prejudice an application. Should you be unable to accept a fellowship, the award will be offered to an alternate.

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If fellows need to make international calls as part of their research, they can obtain a long-distance access code from our finance manager. Interior and exterior patios are for the exclusive use of fellows, unless they have been previously booked. Her current research focuses on contemporary Latin American literature and issues of human rights.

There is a courtesy phone in front of the building which your visitor can use to call you upon arrival. See our office coordinator if you find you have a need for one.

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