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As Avon grew increasingly suspicious that the police were watching him, Stringer took precautions to smoke out informants and to counter wiretaps.

stringer bell business plan

Those skills are as key to a successful drug corner as they are to a corner office. Avon initially brushes Stringer's suggestion aside but accepts this advice after Omar nearly kills him.

Stringer's relationship with Avon is irreparably damaged by this revelation.

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Season 3[ edit ] Stringer uses more business-like strategies as he continues running the Barksdale empire. Do I think it will happen? Stringer asks Bodie to kill Wallace while also having Nakeesha Lyles, a witness he had bribed in D'Angelo's trial, murdered by a member of the organization. But Stringer Bell was no role model. Let me assure you that you don't. Stringer rewarded Bodie's loyalty by promoting him to run their operation at the tower. Stringer took Stinkum to survey his new territory with some additional muscle in the form of Wee-Bey and Marquis "Bird" Hilton. He's also a bent undercover copper.

Elsewhere, Stringer deals with Omar Little 's crew after they steal some of Barksdale's stash from the pit. Stringer visited D'Angelo to instruct him about checking his organization for an informant who may have been giving Omar information.

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I never want to play anything like Stringer Bell ever again. Like I told those kids, you've got to move out of your comfort zone, try something new all the time.

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Mouzone told Avon that he knew Stringer had intentionally fed Omar misinformation and that he held Avon responsible for Stringer's actions, threatening to use his connections to cut off the Barksdale organization's supply of drugs from New York.

Stringer also persuades Avon to give up his pagermaking Stringer a buffer between Avon and the rest of the operation. I can't judge now.

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If Elba does resemble a footballer, it's one from this side of the pond: he has the smiling eyes and good looks of ex-Spurs striker Les Ferdinand. To foil wiretaps, Stringer insists on phone discipline, telling D'Angelo's crew to remove nearby payphones and walk longer distances to other phones instead. In more symbolic terms, Stringer's ambitions can be seen as a mirror of capitalism played out in the urban underclass. I'm 36 and I don't live here any more. However, Stringer is simultaneously betrayed by Avon when Brother Mouzone confronted him about Stringer's plot to engineer a conflict between Mouzone and Omar Little. Omar responded to the brutal slaying by striking back at Stinkum and Wee-Bey as they made their move on the new territory, killing Stinkum and wounding Wee-Bey. Stringer tries to find out about Wallace's whereabouts from D'Angelo, who realizes his friend is in danger and only tells Stringer that Wallace left the business.
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‘The Wire’: Stringer Bell’s Guide To Running A Business