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In this course students will learn the basics of Unity3D and develop an understanding for interactive storytelling in a digital space.

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Recent American Buddhist responses to contemporary social justice issues including racism, climate change, and sexual abuse will be considered. Have a story to tell where choices lead to different consequences? Poetic and transportive, essay films are used to document cultural and historical moments, evoke a feeling, unravel an auto-biography, and respond to critical social turning points with a challenging mix of traditional documentary conventions, personal nuance and experimental artistry. Three hours of lecture, two hours of lab per week. Prerequisites AR or permission of instructor. Linguistic emphasis is on basic grammar, vocabulary, and the development of reading, conversation, and writing skills while learning about the culture of Italy. In particular, the course deals with the role of the Public Sector for internalizing environmental externalities through public policies.

Demonstrations will be held on hot stamped foil, multi-plate and multi-block color printing, ink mixing, screenprinting and various monotype techniques. Note s : Fulfills QR2 and social sciences requirements. Students will have a variety of opportunities to train and work in the areas of scenic construction, sound reinforcement, stage management, costume construction, arts management, and career development throughout the five week rehearsal and performance period.

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In addition to using After Effects, students will create a range of projects that explore motion through frame-by-frame illustration, GIFs, and live-action video.

Assignments provide practice in description, definition, comparison and contrast, and argumentation.

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Prerequisite: AR Occasional informal writing complements assignments of longer finished papers. InBritannia ruled the waves.

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