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References 1. Importantly, systems of vaccine delivery besides clinics used for administrative evaluation can be identified and included in the analysis. Supplementary vaccination sessions are also organized depending on emergencies such as during epidemic outbreaks. Problems encountered by the Programme have included: lack of public and governmental awareness of the scope and seriousness of the target diseases; ineffective programme management; inadequate equipment and skills for vaccine storage and handling; and insufficient means for monitoring programme impact as reflected by increasing immunization coverage levels and decreasing incidence of the target diseases. Measles still kills nearly 2 million children each year, neonatal tetanus kills some , newborns, and pertussis nearly , children. It can be conducted either national or sub-national —in selected areas. Fifty two Health facilities that did not offer immunization services were excluded, and health personnel that did not consent to participate in the study were also excluded and replaced by another health personnel in the same health facility. Methods It was a cross sectional study conducted in , in 42 health facilities covering 18 health areas in the Dschang Health District. Accelerated Disease Control Poliomyelitis, measles, yellow fever, and neonatal tetanus remain at the forefront of disease control efforts in Africa. The implementation of EPI is part of this package.

Supplemental Immunization Activity SIA Supplementary immunization activities are used to reach children who have not been vaccinated or have not developed sufficient immunity after previous vaccinations. Even with continued support from donors, political will as well as financial planning and commitment from African governments will be key factors for successful introduction and sustainability of new vaccines in EPI schedules in Africa.

Data were collected with the aid of questionnaires administered to health personnel by interview and an observation grid was used to assess tools.

extended vaccination program

Finally, periodic national-level mass vaccination campaigns are being increasingly included in the programs. For health facilities with only one personnel involved with immunization activities, the personnel was automatically selected and interviewed.

objectives of expanded program on immunization

Supplementary vaccination sessions are also organized depending on emergencies such as during epidemic outbreaks. Vaccine procurement and pricing strategies, vaccine adaptation to suit LMICs, as well as the establishment of vaccine production in LMICs remain essential components of helping to strengthen immunisation systems across Africa [13].

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Access to immunization services is still limited in Cameroon.

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Expanded Program on Immunization