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When it comes to credibility, the key issue is grammar and spelling, honestly. The rhythm of life that accelerates day by day makes the ability of the students in general declining, at least in comparison with previous generations.

Over the years I have received a great many cards, but one card stands out to me and enforces my love for writing.

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Writing skills are important to the business professional because it prepares the workplace for well-written business communications. The ability to write freely takes practice.

To the everyday person, writing appears to be a very simple activity, just putting one word in front of another to make sentences.

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It seems that we no longer know how to write well and we forget that our letter of introduction is often an email written by us or our curriculum vitae. My friend expressed frustration that so much writing he does never makes it into his finished product, or needs to be generated in order to allow him to create a finished product.

Featured Articles. I read the rest of the cards in that box that day, and I have read and cherished the time and effort put into each card I have received since then.

Why writing is important in life

However, all these advances have brought some associated problems, such as the loss of formality, writing and correct spelling. Besides being able to effectively communicate in written form in their curriculum, middle school students are expected demonstrate their writing abilities by writing a composition in response to a prompt, an exposition or a narrative in various forms, on the state-wide standardize assessment, LEAP for the eighth grade or iLEAP for the sixth and seventh grade, in the spring of each year. It also suggests that writing degenerates from the thought, which is not the case. He can pen up his thoughts, create a story and can make his own illusionary world. Finally, the pencil is positioned in the joint between the thumb and the pointer finger, in the only way that it will stay put in order to write. Be it lawyers, salespeople, teachers, or even zookeepers - strong writing skills are critical for success throughout the many branches of society. Therefore, good writing skills not only improve communication in the workplace , but can also have an effect on how you are perceived. The "inefficiency" of writing is that these acts of cognitive discovery that occur during the act of writing can make the act itself halting and non-linear. However, as important as these skills are, it is also important to know when and when not to correct another person. Opt for getting to the point rather than going on a tangent - readers will be forever grateful. To the everyday person, writing appears to be a very simple activity, just putting one word in front of another to make sentences.

Hopefully by reading this article we hope you can realize that writing well should not be ignored. We believe that the receiver will be able to understand perfectly what we want to say, but often the mistakes we make lend themselves to ambiguities and misunderstandings.

Thanks to the various advances, we have been able to break the barriers of distance and time, being able to communicate instantaneously and without borders. They may also want to consider how each opportunity — like closing business deals, or drawing in customers — can be tarnished with bad writing.

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The importance of writing well