The main achievements of the first four caliphs and the union of the arab emire at the death of ali

umayyad caliphate

Peasants who worked the land were regarded as servile and inferior. Twice, the Holy Prophet S. Only then did his 20 companions join him. Thus, it was Imam Ali alone who was responsible for demolishing the morale of the enemy and securing victory for the Muslim warriors.

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For one thing, it was a tacit recognition of the end of an era. It was strange to think that Hindus and Sikhs had been here, had been killed in the villages in the valleys below. Key rulers, politicians and military leaders in both camps had died in the years immediately preceding the First Crusade.

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A whole culture perished as libraries were put to the torch, and Baghdad never recovered its pre-eminence as the capital of Islamic civilisation. Theoretical instruction in medicine was supplemented by practice in a bimaristan hospital , making the citizens of Gondeshapur the most cared for in the world. This is particularly true of Syrian nationalists and the present-day state of Syria, centered like that of the Umayyads on Damascus. He smiled as the mullah, a man of medium height in his late fifties, exchanged greetings with me. In the confrontation at Autas the tribes could not withstand the Muslim onslaught. News of this city of learning spread to neighbouring civilisations. For eight years Muhammad had tolerated the uneasy coexistence of the pagan male god Allah and his three daughters: al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat. It is not possible for me to satiate myself when there are people around me whom hunger and thirst keep restless and writhing.

Abu Bakr and Umar were among those that Muhammad commanded to join Usama's army.

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Rashidun Caliphate