Tips for writing articles in english

Every magazine has its own list of instructions about the subjects, approach, and tone that you need to use. Write very lengthy articles The title should be lengthy and clear The heading of the article should be short, clear and informative Only the introduction and the conclusion should be attractive and attention seeking Target the audience One can advise, suggest and give the solutions to a problem in any paragraph other than the starting one The language and the style of writing should be according to the concerning readers There must be only three paragraphs in an article — introduction, middle one, and conclusion Use any tenseperson, voice, as many abbreviationsand self-made words while writing an article Solution:.

article writing samples

What do you think about these tips? Often, the best endings link back to the starting point in some way. Or just go ahead and sprinkle your research in right when you find it.

Did you include all the important steps? Read relevant resources and if needed, interview other experts. Think what your subheadings might be and then write a short introduction that lets the reader know what to expect. There are some mind tricks working here.

how to write an article for a magazine

But in an article, it's better to give the reader something to think about, perhaps by asking them another question or giving them a call to action.

Make it easier for them to get a good impression about your writing by entertaining them.

tips for writing articles in english

Be Simple For generating good traffic on your contents, your way of writing should be simple enough. If these are not published, I would recommend that you read all the articles that were used by the magazines where you would like to submit your copies to.

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Article Writing Format: Objective, Steps, Concepts, Videos & Samples