Types of investigatory project

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Population density of plants i Identify any 5 weeds from your locality. It will also show that there is a significant difference between the degrees of display appropriateness of the particle board made out of cassava peelings and used papers considering variety and proportion. So, creating a better biodegradable plastic bag would be a huge achievement. If you have access to a multi meter, check to see how many volts electricity is being produced by fruits. Count the total number of drops that make 1 ml of concentrate A. Is there any general pattern of seed germination with regard to pH ranges? This may seem impossible.

The silk was manually collected from the insects body without harming it. Students must approach a problem and test an idea hypothesisresearch the topic, answer questions and think through the subject.

investigatory project in biology with procedure

A survey was conducted to compare its luster, texture, color, and general acceptability with that of commercial silk. The oxygen in the air may not be enough for your demonstration and you may get a dim light.

Types of investigatory project

Note the source of error, if any, that you come across. Some are laboratory based, others involve fieldwork.

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What's Your Favorite? Just follow the instructions and you will get results in the first try. At least, thats my theory at this time I dont know if this method of producing electricity is economical and cost effective. Visit a nearby pond, pool or river bank carrying along with you the plankton net fitted with the plankton bucket, graduated plastic bucket and 5—10 ml of F. Transfer the concentrate collected into a suitable specimen tube and cork it. Students could try to predict how meteorite size affects crater size. Cool, huh? Abnormal levels of pH and their consequences are given below: pH 3 to 5 is too acidic for most organisms to survive, when the pH of water falls below 4. Petridishes of 7. Tabulate your results as given.

Experiment to see which other liquids such as detergents and drinks can produce electricity. For example, you might investigate what traits you and your classmates inherit from your parents and forefathers both maternal and paternal.

Investigatory project in biology

It almost sounds like a magic trick. To easily demonstrate which method works best, try cooking some food in the oil produced by each one. With the help of 1 ml pipette, draw 1 ml of concentrate and transfer it dropwise into the watch glass. The silk was then twisted and entwined with the others to produce the thread. Material and equipment: Material and equipment that you need for this project are: 1. Having decided what controls you need to use, list the components of your experiment and decide what quantities of substances to use, how to set the experiment. You may use both of them if you want to clearly figure out your data. You are on page 1of 8 Search inside document Investigatory Project Example Cogon Grass Cardboard Food Packaging The feasibility of cogon grass Imperata cylindrica as a substitute for cardboard food packaging was studied in this research project. A Formaldehyde Acetic acid, Alcohol Procedure i Plankton net resembles the butterfly net in several aspects. Students could examine ways to reduce erosion by testing water flow on different types of ground such as sand or soil. Count the total number of drops that make 1 ml of concentrate A.
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