Write a system of linear inequalities that has no solution problems

So this graph is going to look something like this. Authored by: James Sousa Mathispower4u. So it would be all of this stuff. Maybe we could put an empty set like that, two brackets with nothing in it.

how to solve system of inequalities

We will find the region on the plane that contains all ordered pairs that make both inequalities true. There's no point on the x, y plane that is in both of these solution sets.

write a system of linear inequalities to define the profit regions.

For any x, 2x plus 1 will be right on the line, but all the y's greater than that are also valid. And that's the region of the x, y coordinate plane that will satisfy all of them. They have the same slope. On the other side, there are no solutions.

The ordered pair 3,1 made one inequality true, but the other one false. Determine which side of each boundary line represents solutions to the inequality by testing a point on each side. Note how they have the same slopes. It's actually the null set.

Values that are true for one equation but not all of them do not solve the system.

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Graphing Systems of Inequalities