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As you might imagine, this is as crucial in a short story as it is in a novel. Using only three paragraphs 50 — 60 words each or less, start writing your short story. If you are creating a magical journey, or a story full of important descriptions, your characters may speak less. Whenever practical, make your characters reveal the scenario, as opposed to prefacing long expositions between snappy dialogue. Believe your fiction to be the truth. Join Us. Regardless of the difficulties of selling short stories, Stephen King once admitted that it is more challenging to craft a short story than it is to compose a full-length novel. I hope this has given you some insight on how to write a short story. The first sentence should raise questions that need to be answered.

Remember, this may be an abnormal world to most readers, but it should reflect the status quo of your characters before it is challeged or shaken up. The short story writer must unfurl the plot promptly, unleash his characters, and use relevant, snappy dialogue.

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Simple… get your character into trouble. Step 8.

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There are many different literary forms, going back millennia: each has its own joys and limitations and each should be respected as such. Think driving into the sunset with your favourite song on the radio. In a thriller, your character might find himself in physical danger, a life or death situation. You can end with a few words from a character, or you can end with a brief recap. This article is dedicated to answering those questions. Keep your banker in the bank or close to the bank, and let him mingle with real-life characters. If you would like to write for younger readers, check out some of my articles on writing for children. Rather than recite how a Frenchman got to America, merely mention the accent he had hoped to leave behind when he emigrated to the U.

If even one word seems extraneous, it has to go. I have always enjoyed fiction that is aware of itself. If you repeatedly transfer your characters from one location to another, you must clarify why.

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Make Your Title Sing Work hard on what to call your short story.

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How to Write a Short Story: 9 Steps from a Best Selling Author