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But it can prove challenging to have the right insights, at the right time, and have access to them consistently over time. Clothes with longer shelf life i. Additionally, the word "Sheriff" is outlined in transparent letters on the bright yellow star. In , Inditex was incorporated as a holding company, which laid the foundations for a distribution system capable of reacting to shifting market trends extremely quickly. Zara has set up sophisticated technology driven systems, which enable information to travel quickly from the stores back to its headquarters in Arteixo in Spain, enabling decision makers to act fast and respond effectively to a developing trend. Zara's products are supplied based on consumer trends. Since Zara's billionaire founder Amancio Ortega opened the first Zara store in northern Spain in , it has grown to become an enormous, over 2,store chain, with a presence in 96 countries around the world.

InInditex was incorporated as a holding company, which laid the foundations for a distribution system capable of reacting to shifting market trends extremely quickly. More recently in Marchthe brand launched online in Australia and New Zealand.

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For Zara to effectively compete and maintain its strategic advantage, the focus needs to shift away from price but towards quality. Shortening the product life cycle means greater success in meeting consumer preferences. The fact that Zara was able to quickly jump on to this trend and provide hundreds of customers with the pink scarves they desperately wanted to buy. It spends a meagre 0. Zara empowers its sales associates and store managers to be at the forefront of customer research — they intently listen and note down customer comments, ideas for cuts, fabrics or a new line, and keenly observe new styles that its customers are wearing that have the potential to be converted into unique Zara styles. In addition to these supply chain efficiencies, Zara can also modify existing items in as little as two weeks. The more fashionable and riskier items which are around half of its merchandise are manufactured at a dozen company-owned factories in Spain Galicia , northern Portugal and Turkey. It is through this strategic ability of introducing new collections based on latest trends in a rapid manner that enabled Zara to beat other competitors. The variable component amounts to up to half of the total compensation — making store level employees heavily incentive-driven. Bershka: Blends urban styles and modern fashion for young women and men founded in Ortega opened additional stores throughout Spain. While many retailers try to forecast what customers might buy months in the future, Zara moves in step with its customers and offers them what they want to buy at a given point in time. When an item is sold, the stockroom is immediately notified so that the item can be replaced. Inditex also spends over USD 49 million annually on social and community programmes and initiatives. For Inditex, this means having a commitment to people and the environment.

Procurement strategy: Around two-thirds of fabrics are undyed and are purchased before designs are finalized so as to obtain savings through demand aggregation.

Operating 90 stores. The organizational structure is also flat with only a few managerial layers.

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Ortega initially named the store Zorba after the classic film Zorba the Greekbut after learning there was a bar with the same name two blocks away, they rearranged the letters molded for the sign to "Zara".

During the s, Ortega changed the design, manufacturing, and distribution process to reduce lead times and react to new trends in a quicker way, which he called "instant fashions".

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Clothes with longer shelf life i.

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The Secret of Zara’s Success: A Culture of Customer Co